18/01/2016 - Nationale 2: 4 play-offs team are set


After BC Mess clearly won its game on Sunday-evening against Telstar, the 4 play-off-teams are set in the Nationale 2. Bascharage, Arantia, Gréngewald and Mess will compete for a spot in the Total League 2016/17. 2 teams will promote after a round of 14 games that includes the bottom 4 teams from the Total League.

While Contern and Heffingen are sure to be part of this group, the question that remains is which 2 teams will join them. Right now, Sparta, Résidence and Zolwer are competing for a play-off-spot in the Total League.



12/01/2016 - TIX 1/2 Final Cup Match
TIX 1/2 Final Cup Match






Hey Hedgehogs Fans, Haut war dei eischt Vente vun eisen Tix fir de Cup Match.. vun den 228 Tix dei mer vun der FLBB kritt hun sin der 139 fort......wann elo nach e puer Leit Interssse hunn, oder et Haut verpasst hun, dann hutt der Meiglechkeet se um Leschten Heem Match geint de Racing an der Qualificatioun ze kreien. Datum ass den 23'ten Januar ab 18.30 "Op Acker".





21/12/2015 - Winter Breack



The Hedgehogs wish you a  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May it bring you joy, happiness and everything else you deserve.



17/12/2015 - Basket-Coupe de Luxembourg

Käerjeng steet an der Halleffinall


Um Mëttwoch den Owend goufen an der Coupe de Luxembourg am Basket all d'Véirelsfinalle gespillt. Käerjeng huet fir d'Iwwerraschung gesuergt.



D'Equipe aus der National 2 huet sech mat 94 op 85 géint Ettelbréck behaapt. No enger ganz gudder a spannender Partie huet Diddeleng 83 op 75 géint d'Musel Pikes gewonn.

Miersch hat beim 60 op 123 näischt géint Steesel ze gutt an d'Mess verléiert 66 op 84 géint Walfer.

An den Halleffinalle spillt elo Steesel géint Walfer a Käerjeng géint Diddeleng.





16/12/2015 - Road to the Coque: Cup 1/4-finals this Wednesday!




This Wednesday, the 1/4-finals in the cup-competition will be played. 3 clubs from the Nationale 2 are still part of the competition, but they will all meet a club from the Total League. Meanwhile, T71 will play against the Musel Pikes ... the team they got sent out last season.

Bascharage (+10) - Etzella
Black Star (+10) - Amicale
T71 - Musel Pikes
Mess (+10) - Résidence

All 3 clubs from N2 enter the game as underdogs, but Black Star certainly has the most difficult task against Amicale. Bascharage should have a chance against a struggling Etzella team while Mess will have difficulties to match the offensive power of Résidence, but they showed that they can beat N1-teams when they dominated Heffingen in the cup.



11/12/2015 - Cup-draws: 1/4-finals (+ all results from 1/8-finals)

Coupe  On Thursday, the cup 1/4-finals were drawn. 3 teams from the Nationale 2 are still in the contest.

See the matchups below.

BC Mess (+10) - Résidence
Bascharage (+10) - Etzella
T71 - Musel Pikes
Black Star (+10) - Amicale

Games will be played on 16/17th December


RESULTS FROM 1/8-finals:

Telstar (+10) - Etzella 82:103

Bascharage (+10) - Zolver 103:84
BC Mess - Racing 87:78
T71 - Basket Esch 93:86
Contern - Amicale 86:92
Musel Pikes - Sparta 91:71
Gréngewald - Black Star 81:86

Arantia (+10) - Résidence 93:98




16/11/2015 - Nationale 2 review and preview

nationale2 The Nationale 2 is getting even more interesting after the undefeated leader lost its first game at home. And with the upcoming double game-day this weekend, a lot can happen concerning the ranking in the second highest league.

The Kordall Steelers are still far away from their pre-season status and lost heavily at home against Racing. Scoring only 57 points at home underlines their current situation while Racing is clearly moving forward and wants to attack the fourth spot in the ranking. Mersch had some problems to get into the game against Kayl but the team of coach Stojanovic secured the victory behind four three pointers of Jermale Jones. On the other hand, the Red Miners are not in the best phase right now which is underlined by the negative record of only 6 points scored by their JICL players last weekend. Arantia Larochette had some problems to overcome the Pirates as Rui Nunes did not play but Mike Jones, who had 8 three-pointers and Aaron Harrison combined for 79 points in Berbourg and secured the victory for Mike Smith's team on the road. Bc Mess had more problems than expected to beat Telstar who had to play without Karl Moore. The American PF had to sit out last weekend because of a car accident. Mess though had a 24-5 run in the third quarter that killed all hopes of the Hesper players to grab their first victory on the road. The main surprise though came from Bascharage where the local Hedgehogs lost against Grengewald. Driven by Bryan Hammond, who finished with 36 points, the players of coach Adam Radomirovic created an early 30-12 lead after the first ten minutes which was too much for the Hedgehogs to come back.

The action continues already tomorrow Friday where Racing will get the visit of the Hedgehogs. After losing their first game of the season, Christophe Flammang's team wants to get back on the winning track but that won't be easy in the capital. Scott Morton and Tarvin Gaines are good contributors on the offensive end but the players of coach Wennig are known for their aggressive defense which can put the Hedgehogs in trouble. Bascharage needs to use the size of Dimitri Jorssen as the hosts do not have a real big man in their roster and can therefore get in trouble to stop the big Belgian. Mersch gets the visit of the Steelers and the locals should be able to get their 4th win of the season against a Kordall team that has seen some problems over the last weeks. Black Star needs this win absolutely if they want to keep their chances alive to reach the Top 4 though. Arantia will have to focus in order to get the home win against the Red Miners. The players of coach Musquar have the talent to win games as they have shown already in the first games but they are currently on a 3 game losing streak. Telstar wants to get their third victory as they will get the visit of the winless Pirates. Karl Moore should be back in the roster which gives them their scoring power back. Finally, a highly interesting game will be played in Oberanven where the local Greens will get the visit of the BC Mess players for a game that can become decisive for a Playoff spot at the end of the regular season. The confidence for the locals should be high after their win in Bascharage while Mess will have to built on their defense (best in the league) against the high-scoring Grengewald team.

On Sunday, Telstar will have their second home game of the weekend and will get the visit from Racing for the opener of the second round. The players of coach Jacques Sitz want to use this double game-day to increase the distance to the bottom of the table and a hoem win against Racing would be great. However, the players around Scott Morton look like the favorites here and should be able to grab the victory at the Holleschbierg and solidify their position in the Ranking. Grengewald will also play a second home game on Sunday and the guys around Gilles Kayser should have no major problems to defeat the Kordall Steelers. The East Side Pirates will have the visit of Black Star Mersch on Sunday for what should be a victory for the visitors. The key game on Sunday will be played in Mondercange between Mess and Arantia. Mess wants to take revenge for their season opening loss in Larochette but they need a good performance from both their JICL and non-JICL players. For Arantia, it will be important to see how Rui Nunes comes out of a long weekend after having had to sit out last week. The matchup between Elijah Bonsignore and Aaron Harrison will be key probably as Bonsignore needs to keep on of the best scorers of the league under control. A win for Mess would be a huge step forward in the direction of securing the playoff spots while Arantia needs the victory to create a gap themselves and the rest of the league. Finally, the Hedgehogs will play against the Red Miners on Sunday in what should normally be a blowout victory for the locals. However, the Hedgehogs had some problems to start the season against the team of Sven Pezzotta but the fact of playing at home should be enough to grab the win.



06/11/2015 - Nationale 2 Review and Preview

nationale2 The forces in the Nationale 2 seem to be more easily to recognize now as there are slowly two groups that are building up in order to compete for the Playoffs and Playdown spots.

Racing dominated Mersch from the first moments on and earned immediately a 27-13 lead after the first ten minutes. Five three-pointers in the first quarter were the reason for the domination while Mersch continues to struggle to find the necessary scoring. Racing managed their lead throughout the game and Scott Morton and his squad got an important home win that helps them to solidify their position in the first part of the ranking. Arantia had a lot of problems to get the home win over the Kordall Steelers where Milton Chavis is not on the roster anymore. 90 seconds before the end, the team from the South was still up by three points but Mike Jones and Aaron Harrison turned it around in the final seconds and got Arantia their next win. The Red Miners lost at home against BC Mess despite the addition of Eric Kibi as new non-JICL player while James Lewis replaced Anthony Showers in this game. BC Mess though had to play without Elijah Bonsignore but still managed to get the win behind 24 points of Vincent Sünnen and Marko Vranjkovic. The Hedgehogs had to play until the last quarter to overcome the East Side Pirates who were trailing by only 10 points at that moment. But a 27-7 run in the last ten minutes gave Christophe Flammang another win despite playing without Frisco Sandidge. Finally, Grengewald got a great road victory behind a good team effort with 5 players in double figures and Laurent Majerus being absent. For Telstar, it was once again their non-JICL trio that took over the large part of the scoring but it was not enough to grab the home win this week.

A very important game will be played in Rodange this weekend where the local Steelers will get the visit of Racing. The team of coach Louis Wennig has found its rhythm and comes to the South with two wins in a row. The Steelers though had several changes on their non-JICL spots and will try to bounce back to their great performances from the preseason. A win at home would open again the doors to become a playoff candidate while losing against Racing will make it very difficult for the players around Sascha Muepu to still think about the top 4. Black Star absolutely needs a victory at home against the Red Miners in order to climb up the standings. However, the current form in Mersch is not that great while Kayl has to handle with the ever changing non-JICL players and JICL players getting frustrated or opting out of the team. The East Side Pirates will play against Arantia on Saturday and it will be a game where the former Total League team needs all their concentration to get the road win. The Pirates might still be win-less but they seem to be on a positive track and it should not last that long anymore to grab that opening victory. However, Arantia looks too strong and the players of coach Mike Smith should get the victory in Berbourg. BC Mess will get the visit of Telstar and while the presence of Bonsignore is not sure because of an injury, Telstar needs to improve their performances on the road in order to have a chance to win this one. Finally, the Hedgehogs should see the return of Frisco Sandidge and in that case, Grengewald should not be a major problem for Bascharage. However, the Hedgehogs are not as dominant as expected and Grengewald showed an upwards trend over the last games so that this game might be tougher than expected for Marcus Neal and his team.






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